DTM Consulting – A Marketing Consulting and Research Company for Businesses in Vietnam

We are a marketing consultancy and market research company, specializing in customer insights across various industries and business sectors such as B2B, FMCG, F&B, retail, tourism & hospitality, E-commerce, healthcare, cosmetics, and more. We provide tailored marketing solutions, optimizing strategies for marketers and businesses both within and outside Vietnam.

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1. Developing products and brands

Is your business facing challenges in brand development and/or sales for your current product range? Are you looking to find marketing solutions to address these difficulties?

4. Marketing Planning

Is your business seeking ways to plan and optimize marketing activities more effectively?

2. Test, launch and distribute new products

Is your business interested in testing and launching new products into the market? Do you wish to gather information about markets and customers potential?

5. Monitor, measure, and enhance the effectiveness of marketing activities

Is your business utilizing an agency for marketing activities and/or outsourcing its marketing department, but facing difficulties in monitoring and controlling their operations?

3. Explore market potential

Do you want to assess and quantify the opportunities and demand within specific markets/customers?

6. Build and develop the marketing department

Is your business looking to enhance its marketing capabilities for better execution of marketing activities?


DTM Consulting currently offers a variety of consulting and coaching services in marketing for both businesses and individuals.

Market and Customer Research

Designing and implementing market research, exploring customer insights, product testing, and subsequently compiling reports and proposals. Providing marketing consulting solutions for issues related to customer segmentation, positioning, brand development, and market expansion for products.

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Marketing Consulting

Including comprehensive marketing consulting services, strategic marketing advice, guidance in selecting target markets and customers, brand building and development, (digital) marketing planning, implementation, and measurement, etc.

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Build and develop the marketing team

Evaluating the needs and current situation of the business, followed by consulting and designing the establishment of an in-house marketing department. Assisting in recruitment, training, and hands-on coaching to optimize marketing operations, enhance Marketing ROI, etc.

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Data Analysis

Evaluating issues through the exploration of available data within and outside the business, such as customer data, historical data, internal data, etc. Based on this analysis, proposing marketing solutions and actions to enhance performance and improve the effectiveness of marketing deployment.

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Lên chiến lược kênh phân phối

Market research consulting and coaching

Consulting, practical training, and guiding businesses to independently conduct market research and gather customer insights. The training content and guidance are customized to meet the specific needs, preferences, and practical situations of the business.

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Kênh phân phối và chuỗi cung ứng

Product Distribution

With a distribution network and distribution agents across the three regions, DTM Consulting is ready to distribute nationwide the products we test and advise on, especially in the FMCG and F&B sectors.

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DTM Consulting takes pride in having a team of highly skilled consultants with extensive expertise and practical experience in various businesses and industries
PGS-TS-Nguyen-Thi-Hoang-Yen-DTM-Consulting-marketing-consultant (1)

Ass. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen

Consultant in strategic marketing consulting, market research and customer insights
Associate Professor Yen has nearly 20 years of experience in consulting in the fields of strategy, marketing strategy, branding, market research, and customer insights.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huong, M.Sc

Founder & CEO of and
Ms. Huong has nearly 15 years of experience in managing and optimizing the effectiveness of digital marketing activities and e-commerce. Currently, she serves as the Founder and CEO of, an e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of medical equipment.

Ms. Le Huyen Trang, M.Sc

Data Analysis Consultant
Ms. Trang has been trained and worked at McKinsey Company. With over 10 years of experience in data analysis and strategic consulting, she has provided her expertise to companies such as Ford Motor Company, M&Spencer, Techcombank, VPBank...

Mr. Truong Dinh Trang, M.Sc.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Nearly 10 years of experience in managerial, operational, and training/teaching roles in the field of Digital Marketing at VTC Academy, FPT Polytechnic, VNG, Garena, Sapo, and Webform.

Ms. Nghiem Thu Huong

Performance Marketing Consultant
Currently, Ms. Huong is the CEO of Venus Charm. Before this role, Ms. Huong served as the Brand Operation Manager at Lep', overseeing and measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities. She also held the position of marketing leader specializing in the measurement and optimization of marketing effectiveness at 30Shine.

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Working Process


Step 1 - Discuss business problems

Initial discussion to understand business problems. situations, goals, objectives, and demands of customers


Step 2 - Evaluate business problems

Collecting data, assessing, and analyzing the current state of the market, customers, and competitive counterparts, etc.


Step 3- Detail proposal

Developing a detailed proposed plan.


Step 4 – Contract Signing

Both parties agree on the implementation plan and proceed to sign the contract.


Step 5 - Conduct project

DTM Consulting implements the strategy and delivers progress reports at each stage, allowing the business to stay informed about the advancements.


Step 6 - Result and Consulting Reports

Reporting results, providing consulting proposals, and guiding marketing activities for the business.


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    FAQs - frequently asked questions

    Marketing consulting is a service provided by DTM Consulting's consultants. Through this service, our consultants engage in discussions with you to identify business problems, goals/objectives, explore business opportunities, and challenges for your business. These goals and challenges may include customer attraction, retention, sales orientation, brand building and development, and more. DTM Consulting's marketing consultants will provide tailored solutions/proposals to address these business problems.
    Hence, if you are facing difficulties and uncertainties in directing your business activities, and marketing, have unattained goals, or don't know where to start, DTM Consulting's consultants will address those problems for you!

    • Save Money

    DTM Consulting prioritizes proposing plans tailored to the resources of businesses, avoiding unnecessary expenses caused by unclear goals or direction. Our experienced experts provide ethical and committed consulting, and our dynamic team is always ready to support businesses with enthusiasm and expertise.

    • Understanding and resolving issues thoroughly.

    Consulting firms always understand the true root causes behind the challenges and obstacles you are facing. They are ready to guide suitable approaches, and plans, and implement activities to address those issues for your business.

    • Quickly seize business opportunities

    Opportunities wait for no one. Businesses that are agile and proactive always enjoy certain advantages. Exploring on your own can be more challenging than seeking efficient and swift solutions by hiring a specialized, experienced consulting unit to assist you in implementing the right strategies and tactics
    • Marketing consultants with expertise and experience.

    One thing that the DTM Consulting team takes pride in is having consultants with extensive experience and deep expertise. Their consulting proposals are rooted in professional dedication and ethics.
    Our young and dynamic team is always enthusiastic and ready to provide advice, address concerns, and support the implementation of businesses facing any doubts or challenges.

    DTM Consulting tự hào có đội ngũ các nhà tư vấn (consultant) có chuyên môn cao và nhiều năm hoạt động thực tiễn tại các doanh nghiệp trong và ngoài nước, đặc biệt trong lĩnh vực cung cấp dịch vụ tư vấn, đào tạo và nghiên cứu chuyên sâu về: Nghiên cứu thị trường, Thu thập và phân tích dữ liệu, Tư vấn chiến lược, Phát triển tổ chức; đào tạo đội ngũ marketing,…

    "The plans, proposals, and coaching from DTM Consulting are designed to help businesses identify and reach the right target audience while attracting and converting them. These proposals and coaching provide businesses with the tools and guidance to execute marketing activities and market research, essential customer insights to build and develop their brand, and tailored solutions based on the business's situation and resources.

    At DTM Consulting, we leverage the power of research, analysis, and in-depth market understanding to carry out more effective business and marketing activities. It aids them in making business decisions based on specific and reliable evidence from the market and potential customers.